Association "Złote Klucze Concierge Polska"                             

Mission of the Association „Złote Klucze Concierge Polska”:

How is it possible for Concierge to solve so many complex requests smoothly? There are few answers: each of us has got a “bible – a magic book” which contains a lot of useful information. Each of us had had a hard training before he or she got this job. And finally we work in a network. It’s a common thing since the beginning of our profession – the Concierges work together. Despite working for competitive hotels we support each other. 
In the same city, facing the same difficulties, we solve our problems together. Thanks to the network of friendship, including other cities and countries, sometimes we share with our guests magic experiences. 
This idea of cooperation, networking, exchanging the knowledge and professional skills inspired us to create this association. 

We had a meeting on 19th of March 2008  with 20 Concierges from Warsaw, Poznań, Wrocław and Kraków. 
Together we decided to build our organization. Our main objective was to intergrate the Concierges’ environment. Secondly, we were inspired by the international organization Union Internationale des Concierges d’Hotels, Les Clefs d’Or. There are 40 member-countries and some 4.000 Clefs d’Or Concierges around the globe. A symbol of the organization - crossed golden keys displayed on the lapels of their uniforms are the symbol of guaranteed quality service. These golden keys became very prestigious for members and for their hotels. Travelers worldwide appreciate the genuine desire to serve, kindness, persistency, discipline, flexibility, discretion and professionalism of Les Clefs d’Or Concierges. All of them have worked hard to obtain their keys. You have to be at least 21, have minimum 5 years experience in the lobby and work as a Concierge for minimum 2 years. A candidate must have at least two supervisors who will introduce him to the organization and guarantee for him. 

As the International
Les Clefs d'Or
Association was not represented in Poland, we have decided to create its national, Polish chapter. After several years of preparation and after completion of the statutory requirements, we did it in 2012. Our other objectives included in our Statutes are: 
- creation of a network of the Concierges of best Polish hotels
- support of cooperation, knowledge and experience exchange among Concierges in Poland and abroad
- promotion of highest standards, professional skills and ethics among Concierges
- building the right image of our profession

- support for all activities developing tourism and hotel marketing

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